The long, long struggle of ancient times finally ended…
The victor sacrificed the vanquished to the heavens.
Four bells tolled. Four torches were lit.
And the world continued for thousands of years…

The Algo solar system, somewhere in space…

Once a brilliant civilization flourished here.
The citizens devoted themselves to art and the sciences, and life was
prosporous and good.

Then a series of disasters struck.
The system-wide managment system was destroyed.
So was the first planet, Parma.
Over 90% of the system’s population died, and the advanced technological culture was lost.

Society declined, spiralling downward until at last only a few scattered
groups even remembered there once were better times.

A thousand years passed.

At last, civilization is once more on the rise across the Algo system.
People are again turning to thoughts of an easier life.
Old knowledge is being rediscovered.

But just as things look brighter, beyond a threshold long thought
closed, a dark and very ancient evil stirs…

Welcome to Algo

After the relative success of my last campaign bringing D&D:WotES to Pathfinder I decided to try again with my other favorite RPG from the Sega years. While I might someday run the full series this time I’m just going to run the game I am most familiar with – PS4. This will mean a major homebrew setting using the Numeria Technology Guide and other elements to handle technology. Check out the wiki for rules and the setting information. I’d ask that you not ruin the story by playing the video game if you haven’t already.

Dove's Phantasy Star Campaing

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